Proposed 2014 Bylaws Changes: Membership Review Requested

Dear AERO Members, This year, there will be a special agenda item during our annual member business meeting in Red Lodge. In addition to updates about AERO’s activities and finances, board member elections, and other business, we will be asking … Continue reading

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Celebrate AERO’s 40th Anniversary in Red Lodge, October 17-19

Help us celebrate AERO’s 40th birthday and ring in the next 40 years at the best sustainable food & energy party of the year! Join us at the Carbon County Fairgrounds in Red Lodge on October 17-19! Continue reading

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Ending Hunger and Creating More Resilient Community Food Systems

When people talk about hunger and hunger issues, they often picture a homeless man begging on street corner, and while that’s one face of hunger, it’s not completely representative of everyone hunger impacts.  Hunger and food insecurity impact people of … Continue reading

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Lewis and Clark County Sustainability Projects: Saving Energy and Money

There are over 30 million small businesses in the United States who collectively spend more than 60 billion dollars on heating, cooling, and lighting their work places every year. These businesses could see between a ten to thirty percent reduction in these costs by simply modifying behaviors and investing in energy upgrades. Continue reading

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It’s One Thing To Know Your Farmer. It’s Another Thing To Serve Your Farmer.

A farmer trudges through the last throes of hibernation like a plow through a frozen mat of soil.  It’s not the busiest part of his second year as an independent grower, but he’s getting a few things done to prepare … Continue reading

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Let’s Fix Montana’s Food Regulations!

Food safety regulations are some of the most important laws we have to protect public health and safety, but they can also be some of the most confusing aspects of running a successful local food business.  For a long time … Continue reading

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Helping Farmers Grow

There’s the workshop series called Planning for On-Farm Success, which will help beginning farmers like Liz get their footing – figuring out their goals and how to reach them, creating marketing plans, finding funding, and assessing and managing their risks. Another workshop series focuses on multifunctional farming, which helps more established farmers find new enterprises they can start to add value to their operations. Examples include adding a farm stand, a bed and breakfast, or a childrens’ day care. Both workshops aim to inspire farmers, share expertise, and help bring great ideas to life. For more information on the courses, visit Continue reading

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