Repower MT

Repower MT is AERO’s campaign to profile renewable energy success stories across the state. We are searching for homes, businesses, farms, or other projects that use alternative and renewable energy technology or natural and sustainable building methods to feature on the Repower website.

This campaign has shone light on more than 70 projects in over 20 counties across the state, and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon! Our goal is to light up the Repower map with a renewable energy or energy efficiency project in every Montana county.

Our current list of our top ten priority counties, determined by population, include:

  • - Custer
  • - Roosevelt
  • - Sanders
  • - Richland
  • - Beaverhead
  • - Dawson
  • - Stillwater
  • - Valley
  • - Blaine

Our search is aimed at counties that lack projects, but we accept any projects from anywhere in the Big Sky State.

What’s In It for You?

Our Repower interns would love to hear your story, collect some info from you and get your project up on the site….and your story could even be the next featured project in our quarterly newsletter! The AERO community looks forward to hearing from you!